What is “Functional Training”

The art of movement.  Whether it is in a particular sport, job, or just general movement, functional training builds strength through the motions you will need to use most.  There are, however, some universal movements everyone should be able to do.  Most of us have forgotten how to do what every 3 year old knows instinctively.  They know how to squat, deadlift, etc… and can move in ways we only wish we could.

But all is not lost!!

Theses patterns we have trained ourselves out of can be re-learned.  The process does require some work, after all anything worth doing is worth doing right.  That means investing some time if you are to improve the way that you move.  It can literally take thousands of repetitions to break a bad pattern and create a new one.  This sounds like a lot, however if you think of doing some of these exercises on a daily basis to a tune of 10-20 reps a day, it doesn’t seem so bad… Especially considering you will be able to get yourself to do the movement properly in much less time if you concentrate on it throughout the day.  This should be the mindset for anything new leaned as well, perfect practice, every time.  You will save time, energy, and aggravation by doing it right the first time!

Think of the benefits of being able to move better; less time spent in pain, being able to do activities you enjoy, increased performance in what you already do, and an increase in energy just to name a few.

So in a nutshell functional training is, well… training to move properly, the way we were meant to move.

Justin and Kids 4th of JulyJustin Green is a Certified Personal Trainer through the N.C.C.P.T., and holds multiple black belts. He has spent the last 11 years instructing martial arts much of which requires correcting “Bad Habits” to improve his students abilities.

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