Vigor (Kettlebell Strength Training)

Move Better – Get Stronger.

Turn Back The Clock.

Remember back to when you were just a kid? It seemed like you could do almost anything, and endless possibilities were in front of you.

Russian Kettlebell training has been proven time and time again to almost reverse the aging process by improving movement, maintain or improve bone mass, increase muscle tone, oh yeah, and the classes melt fat like nobody’s business!

The training itself is simple. Using Kettlebells and Bodyweight movements as the main tools you will learn the skills to improve strength, conditioning, and mobility in a fun, positive environment that encourages constant progress, so you reach your goals and are able to maintain what you’ve earned.

Classes are at your level so you can safely progress at a pace suited to you. No need to keep up with the instructor, the person next to you, or race the clock.

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