Fall Referral Contest!

Fall Referral Contest!

successful-referral-program-f324d8159139fe540602c6df24a6849b-800x400-100-cropLove Your Training?

Why not share?

Here’s your chance to literally hand pick who you would like to train with(and to get some free training!)

Here’s what we’re doing:

The Entire Month of September you have the opportunity to refer friends, family(heck even co-workers or neighbors – if they’re lucky…) and get a little something extra.

Well, when I say a little, what I mean is this – Anyone you refer in and signs up by Sept. 30th for our Group Fitness, Martial Arts, or any of Justin Green’s trainings will put you in the running for one of the following:

1st Place – 1 Year Unlimited Group Fitness/Martial Arts Training
2nd Place – 3 Months Unlimited Group Fitness/Martial Arts Training
3rd Place – 1 Month Unlimited Group Fitness/Martial Arts Training

And here’s another bonus…

Even if you don’t “win” one of the top 3, we are “UPGRADING” our referral policy moving forward.

Instead of just getting 1/2 off your next month, you get 10% off your program for the entire time the referred person continues to train! Even if you upgrade your program!*

The cool thing about this is not only do you get the chance to train with your very best friends in the world, you get to bring someone with you as well! Okay, maybe we’re not your best friends, however, to say you are appreciated for training at PostFit is an understatement(especially since you have to deal with us making you do all that “working out” stuff…)

By bringing a friend, it also makes the experience more enjoyable, creates better results, gives a better atmosphere to train in, and increases chances of “stick-to-it-ness” required to continue achieving goals you haven’t even dreamt of yet(but you are capable, trust me on this!)

A Bonus For Your Friends/Family(okay, co-workers too….)

Each person you refer in gets a 2 week trail in any of Justin Green’s Group Fitness or Martial Arts Programs! This way, you get to show them how much “fun” we get to have before they jump in feet first. 2 Week Trial Cards are available from Justin or on the information table in the lobby.

The final results will be tallied up and winners announced Oct. 15th(to make sure everyone has time to complete their 2 week trial if they choose to do so). We will post up the winners on the PostFit Facebook Page as well as post it up on the white board.

*Does not include family ad ons, 10% will be applied to the first person(i.e. person at the highest rate) and then to the second, and so on. Referrals also must be for the Kettlebell, Calisthenics, Barbell, Martial Arts Classes or any Private Training Packages of 10 sessions or more. Referrals to Start Right Wellness Solutions Fitness and Yoga training, although appreciated, do not qualify.(I’m quite sure Dawn would not be happy with me giving away her services ūüėČ )

Anniversary Promotion!

It’s our 1 year anniversary!!

And to celebrate we are giving away 1 month of group fitness or martial arts training in our Group Fitness & Martial Arts Programs!

There are 4 ways to enter:

1. Like PostFit & Share this photo(just like & share the photo if you’ve liked us already)
2. Like Justin Green‚Äč and share the photo
3. Follow us on twitter @Post_Fit and retweet the photo
4. Follow us on Instagram @Post_Fit

After you’ve followed us make sure to keep up with us to see secret ways to gain an additional entry!

Contest ends 6/14/15. We will be giving away 4 memberships, runner ups will qualify for a 2 week trial membership. Drawing will be held June 15th and the winners will be announced on the social media stream they’ve won on. Winners must claim their membership by 6/20/15 or a runner up will be selected.

Offer is valid for Strength in Motion, Vigor, FloFit, and Hapkido programs.

Questions? Contact Justin: justin@post35.net (262)951-6317


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Why Martial Arts Workouts

6663B02562D9DEA28E2B18B6DEF546_h296_w526_m2_bblack_q99_p99_czMKovWQwStrength. ¬†Flexibility. ¬†Endurance. ¬†Coordination. ¬†The list goes on… ¬†Historically the strongest, toughest, and most god-like men that have walked the face of the earth trained in some style combative art. ¬†A majority of the exercises that are re-surfacing as “better” alternatives came from traditional martial arts conditioning and injury prevention. ¬†It makes sense, these warriors had to be able to last for hours upon hours in battle, they also had to know how to deal with injuries and how to prevent them.

12 years of TaeKwonDo & Hapkido training have had an immense impact on how I train not only myself but my clients too. ¬†I’ve done some crazy intense workouts using nothing but my fists and feet. ¬†Great “cardio” work does not have to be running, biking(inside or out) miles and miles, or limited to 1980’s style aerobics. ¬†Take a typical martial arts warm-up from back in the day, if you’ve trained under me you know this is my favorite:

  • Each move is done on a target for 30 sec as fast as possible & repeated both sides w/15 sec break between sides,
  • Skip in Jab,
  • Knee strikes,
  • Front kicks,
  • Round kicks.

This is just basic kickboxing warm-up, some advanced students I’ve trained can pull off more than 30 repetitions of each of these! ¬†That’s more than 1 a second!(with good technique!!) ¬†I don’t see how Richard Simmons could compete with that…

How much “cardio” work are you getting? ¬†You would have to run a 5 min miles for an hour straight to get the same amount of work done as an hour of martial arts and you wouldn’t receive the added benefits of working your core, hip flexors, quads, chest, back, etc… ¬†Now, I’m not saying strength conditioning is not mixed in(basic calisthenics, and kettlebell exercises) but it is only about 10-15% of the training.

There are massive benefits to general conditioning programs, I’m not knocking them, just comparing. ¬†My point is this, if you would like to burn a ton of calories(700-900/hr) learn something useful, and look cool doing it B), martial arts is the place to be.


Justin and Kids 4th of July Justin Green is a Certified Personal Trainer through the N.C.C.P.T., and holds black belts through the WTF & WHA. He has spent the last 11 years instructing martial arts helping to improve his students abilities, grow their confidence, and improve their lifestyle.