Fall Referral Contest!

Fall Referral Contest!

successful-referral-program-f324d8159139fe540602c6df24a6849b-800x400-100-cropLove Your Training?

Why not share?

Here’s your chance to literally hand pick who you would like to train with(and to get some free training!)

Here’s what we’re doing:

The Entire Month of September you have the opportunity to refer friends, family(heck even co-workers or neighbors – if they’re lucky…) and get a little something extra.

Well, when I say a little, what I mean is this – Anyone you refer in and signs up by Sept. 30th for our Group Fitness, Martial Arts, or any of Justin Green’s trainings will put you in the running for one of the following:

1st Place – 1 Year Unlimited Group Fitness/Martial Arts Training
2nd Place – 3 Months Unlimited Group Fitness/Martial Arts Training
3rd Place – 1 Month Unlimited Group Fitness/Martial Arts Training

And here’s another bonus…

Even if you don’t “win” one of the top 3, we are “UPGRADING” our referral policy moving forward.

Instead of just getting 1/2 off your next month, you get 10% off your program for the entire time the referred person continues to train! Even if you upgrade your program!*

The cool thing about this is not only do you get the chance to train with your very best friends in the world, you get to bring someone with you as well! Okay, maybe we’re not your best friends, however, to say you are appreciated for training at PostFit is an understatement(especially since you have to deal with us making you do all that “working out” stuff…)

By bringing a friend, it also makes the experience more enjoyable, creates better results, gives a better atmosphere to train in, and increases chances of “stick-to-it-ness” required to continue achieving goals you haven’t even dreamt of yet(but you are capable, trust me on this!)

A Bonus For Your Friends/Family(okay, co-workers too….)

Each person you refer in gets a 2 week trail in any of Justin Green’s Group Fitness or Martial Arts Programs! This way, you get to show them how much “fun” we get to have before they jump in feet first. 2 Week Trial Cards are available from Justin or on the information table in the lobby.

The final results will be tallied up and winners announced Oct. 15th(to make sure everyone has time to complete their 2 week trial if they choose to do so). We will post up the winners on the PostFit Facebook Page as well as post it up on the white board.

*Does not include family ad ons, 10% will be applied to the first person(i.e. person at the highest rate) and then to the second, and so on. Referrals also must be for the Kettlebell, Calisthenics, Barbell, Martial Arts Classes or any Private Training Packages of 10 sessions or more. Referrals to Start Right Wellness Solutions Fitness and Yoga training, although appreciated, do not qualify.(I’m quite sure Dawn would not be happy with me giving away her services 😉 )