Guest Bloggers(Share Your Story!)

Guest Bloggers(Share Your Story!)

Here’s Your Chance to be Famous(ish)

We want to hear YOUR story.blogging-336375_960_720

Everything about your journey, from the first struggle with that piece of chocolate cake – all the way to the very last pound you lost, or maybe your still going(hopefully)

Honestly, it gets boring hearing all us “fitness gurus” talking about this and that from our high horse. Trust me, I feel the same.

So, it’s time we turn it over to the people(i.e. You!) and hear what you’ve done to get, and continue to do, to get results!

Submissions can be sent to: for review and you will have an input on the final product(arranged with pictures and such). Also, if you have any links back to websites, blogs, or social outlets you would like people directed to – please include them. We’re happy to share since you’re sharing with us!

Looking forward to some great submissions!

PostFit Team