Do More With Less

This is the opposite of what most programs teach, the “more is better” school of thought… but more isn’t better, it’s just more.

Learning a few things that work, and work well, is far more effective than learning 100 things that just “might work” and that you’ll likely forget before you walk out the door.

Put simply, if it can’t be used on the 250 pound gym rat all hyped up on pre-workout drinks and testosterone supplements(or whatever those guys take…) then you shouldn’t be training it.

By the end of this workshop you will learn how to use a few effective movements to get you out of most anything you will encounter. In addition you will learn how to use yo


ur surroundings to your advantage and give you the tools to work with for continued training.

Please dress in comfortable street clothes that allow for free range of motion(i.e. no skirts or skinny jeans, etc…), but try and make it as close to something you would normally wear in public.

Cost: $35.
When: Friday, July 14th 6-8pm
Where: PostFit
35 E Sumner St.
Hartford, WI 53027

Please register here:

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