Quick Start Program

Tired of all the confusion surrounding Fitness?todo-list-297195

You’re Not Alone.

It seems the fitness industry has become diluted by overnight fad workout programs(like Zumba, Crossfit, Body Pump, and many more…) leaving the “end user” (you) not knowing which way is up and who’s advice to take…

So, where should you start then?

stamp-114438I’ve created a program so simple, so ridiculously easy to follow, you’d have to be an over-analytical snob(who enjoys making their own life harder) to overlook it. No complicated routines, nothing crazy to memorize, just basic human movements that will ensure you’re success that will help you get started on your fitness journey.

You will learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your training and spot imposters who try to give you bad advice and lead you astray, basically, separating fact from fad.

After all, most of the products you see sold on infomercials rely on ridiculous one of success stories featuring “results” that most of us human beings cannot attain. They try and convince you that the simplest and most effective solution to the problem is not worth investing your time in… the main reason? Well, without all that “variety” what could they dress up as “new most effective___” when it’s time for the next fad? After all, when has anything simple ever worked…(complexity is the enemy of execution)

About The Program

“The overall plan is simple – First Move(Better), Then Move More Often, Eat Real Food, Drink Water, Breathe, Meditate(Positive Visualization), Repeat.”

You will get started by learning proper movement, techniques, safety, and “how to’s” of any fitness program in this 4 week program designed around training effectively and safely.

Whether you keep training at PostFit or go off on your own this program will give you the confidence you need to boldly move forward and get amazing results no matter what your goal!

A things few before you start:

  1. You must be willing to follow instructions – This I cannot stress enough… without following proper procedure there is a great risk for great injury, so for your sake(and my sanity) please follow the rules.
  2. You must dedicate 3 days a week minimum to the training. Anything less won’t get you the results in a “timely” fashion.
  3. See 1 & 2

The program will take you through the fundamental human movements, correct any mobility issues, teach you basic strength skills and how to use the principles of the training to accomplish any goal you set out to achieve.

To get started is simple.

I start a new session twice a month(usually closest to the 1st or 15th) and it goes for 4 weeks from there. Before you jump in feet first you get a FREE intro session and consult(usually takes 45min to 1 hour) where we can cover all of your goals and show you some of the basics before you get started.

To register for your first session, fill in the form below. (Want more info? Read on!)

Not So Convinced?

Here’s some more about the program.

Getting fit needn’t be complicated or confusing…

You also shouldn’t operate under the assumption that just because you “work out” with someone’s program who looks like a fitness model(they probably are…) that you’ll look just like them in 12 weeks(you know, like they promised…). Honestly, any transformation, any major one…. will take about a year. But if you want to try killing yourself for 12 weeks and be back where you started in 6 months, please, be my guest.

My overall plan is simple – First Move(Better), Then Move More Often, Eat Real Food, Drink Water, Breathe, Meditate(Positive Visualization), Repeat.

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now The Obvious – Why Doesn’t Anyone Else Offer Something Like This, It Seems Like “Common Sense”

You would think this would be common practice, after all, we always had some similar (“beginner”) programs for the martial arts schools I’ve trained at… The “other guys” who didn’t offer a beginner program had a few motives for just throwing people into the shark tank without so much as a mesh suit or spear gun to protect themselves with;

  1. They want you to pay and not show up
  2. They forgot what it’s like to be a beginner themselves
  3. (This one is quite sad) They Don’t Really Care About You

This is why I’ve decided to equip you with a proverbial submarine before you head into the shark infested waters of fitness training.

Why have I decided to take the plunge into what seems like insanity to other gym owners?

First off, it’s what sets me apart from all the “other guys”(and gals)
(It’s really what put me on this path and type of thinking.)

I’ve always been an active person. That’s to say I have always been in sports, but not always the best or first picked, or second… or even third.

I struggled in basketball and football and did okay in track, even though I had some attributes that people would think advantageous to the sport. What it boiled down to was that I lacked a certain “natural skillset” in any of these and never really had the coaches in place that could have helped me understand how to fine tune my skills.

The most help I was provided was my coaches telling me “just practice more”. More of what? I often wondered… more of what I didn’t understand in the first place, more of what I had no drills for, more practicing things the wrong way? How does that help? After all – practice does not make perfect.

Could I have found my own way, maybe, but I was not one of those people until recent years. I believe some people have to be shown the way to make their own way, it does not always come natural and is definitely not ingrained in our schools or society. But enough of that…

I feel the fitness industry as a whole does this same thing:

 “Just work out”, “Just eat healthy”, just, just, just!!! Like it’s so simple for people like you (and myself) to “just” do anything… but here’s the good news, it actually is, if shown by someone who has made the mistakes, wasted the time, and done their homework – which brings me back to my original point – Simple Solutions = Effective Results

Basically, you get the benefit of learning from my years of frustration. Now I’m sure you have everyone and their
brother telling you what is right and wrong(often based on opinion and little research or results or even an ounce of experience).

So who do you listen to?

With everyone and their brother telling you what is right and wrong(often based on opinion and little research or results) who do you listen to?

I decided that I wanted to help people, maybe subconsciously for a while until my confidence grew, but I always have been in the arena of “customer service” where the service I provided could help improve the quality of people’s lives.

I’ve done Martial Arts Instruction since I was in high school, after that I went on to be a Sales & Service Rep selling fire protection services with my Dad and then on to being a mechanic.

Nothing seemed to satisfy the soul quite the way teaching people martial arts had for me, then it hit me like a speeding locomotive – I need to get back at this full time again and help people out, starting with the community I live in. That’s when I got the idea to open PostFit.

Again, I do this because my goal in life is to help others improve the quality of their lives.

Okay, enough about me, back to the program:

If you’re serious about getting fit & healthy(like really serious) you’re in the right place.

I don’t claim to be the “best” trainer/coach/fitness-guru in the world(trust me, I personally know some who are waayyy better), but I can promise you this – I will work my butt off to make sure you are provided with the best instruction, fellow trainees, and programs I can muster. As far as equipment, you are the equipment, so I can’t promise you “the best”, but I can promise you we’ll get you there.

If you haven’t registered for your first session yet, here’s the info again – [email protected] or (262)951-6317