Muscle Gain

This Program Has One Simple Purpose. Build Muscle.

Welcome to your 6 week journey into building lean body mass.

This is not a typical “bulking program”

Rather, it’s a comprehensive plan for increasing muscle, losing body fat, and increasing strength.

We don’t make ridiculous promises like “gain 10 pounds in 4 weeks”. What we can promise you is this, you will gain legitimate lean body mass without the extra fluff of that typically comes with a bulking program.

Most people see anywhere between 4-6 pounds of scale weight in 6 weeks. While this isn’t the best metric to work with, it’s the easiest to measure and track.

The reason for this is most people end up losing fat during the process. Like we said, this isn’t your typical program.

So while the “gainz” might not be as prolific as some programs promise, you also won’t have to spend five or six 4 hour training sessions in the gym and buying some “magic stuff”(steroids) to accomplish the goal.

Who This Is For

Anyone really, but obviously, not everyone wants to put on muscle(some people like to look like a bean pole and call it “lean”).

Mostly, if you’re looking to increase muscle mass, build strength, or

How It Works

There’s a really simple principle at play here…

To get big, lift heavy sh*t, and eat everything in sight(almost)

We’re going to add to that by eating clean(no dirty bulking). After all, you wouldn’t put 87 octane into a race car, would you?(please say no…)

Eating clean will ensure you put on muscle, and not fat. But the QUANTITY of food will still be high, so get ready to shovel some food in.

We’ll be attacking this with 2-3 strength based workouts and a few recovery sessions throughout the week. The strength sessions are intense and involve compound movements, so more is not better here.

You will also get a meal plan to follow which includes virtually step by step instructions on what to eat and when.

What To Expect

This is a simple program. But it is not easy.

Putting on lean body mass is literally the hardest thing to do with the human body.

Making any gains here will be due to ridiculously hard work in the gym, so don’t plan anything else for this time. Seriously, no impromptu beer basketball games, back yard football, or cardio of any sort…

Stairs should also be limited 😉

Following this program we’ve had our clients gain anywhere from 4-9 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks. We’ve tested this with a BodPod, which is a very accurate (and expensive) piece of gear used for body composition testing by professional sports teams.

They’ve also lost body fat in the process, several pounds in fact.

Most of this is due to clean eating and adherence to the recovery protocols outlined in the program.

If you stick with this, you should expect the same, bigger arms, a thicker back and legs, and a thinner midsection.

How To Start

Starting is simple. Just fill in the form below. We’ll get you started on your journey to building lean mass with a consult and assessment to see where you’re at and do before pictures for comparison.

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