Move First

Move Better. Get Stronger.Screen-Shot-2013-06-25-at-2.47.32-PM1

It’s that simple.

Everyone knows the stronger you are, the more in shape you are…. or do they?

I’ve had clients that have come from various gyms after training regularly, and they can’t move well or have suffered nagging “repetitive” injuries. This is not just a few months of training, but years. The fact they’ve been at it so long is neat, except for the other little fact that they have missed the basis behind being “fit” as it were. (MOVEMENT Trumps All)

After all, it’s the one thing required to maintain any exercise program, is it not?

Let’s look at a few examples of some different types of programs.

Beachbody, Les Mills, and the lot
Do Program. Get Results*. Keep Doing Program. Keep Getting, Results? Unfortunately, no. There’s no scaling of the program. They’re all about “kicking your ass” and making you think you got a good workout in. Which is great if you need an ass kicking….

But in reality, you haven’t really “burned” as many calories as a sustainable, movement based program would have.

Think about trying to race your Daily Driven Vehicle in a Professional Race. You might make it a few laps, but eventually(or very quickly) the vehicle will break down from the abuse and you’ll be left in the dust.

You could finish, which would be admirable. But honestly, what’s the point if you can’t even drive yourself home. After all, you do need this vehicle to get you to work on Monday.

20150310_073235Calisthenics & (Most)Weight Training Programs
Master the Basic Movements. Get Results*. Master More Complicated Movements. Get More Results. There’s always something beyond the next new routine to keep you going. That’s why these programs have a higher rate of success for the one’s who stick with them.

It may not promise the flashy stuff the video instruction courses and spin bike classes do, but in the long run the results keep coming.

Think of buying an actual race car and driving lessons. Start with the “beater” that you can learn basic concepts and work your way up step by step to the Indy cars. Eventually, with the proper training and tools, you can get yourself in a pro race and do well.(But you can’t start there)

Even seasoned athletes(or racecar drivers) know to back off and go back to work on their basic techniques and strategies. That’s why there’s an off season, to hone in skills.

You will never be too good for the basics.

*Before we go any further, let me define RESULTS… Results are any real, noticeable changes that take place(your energy level, strength, fat loss, or sports performance) NOT your ability to perform 1,000 Zumba routines blindfolded in the dark during the winter solstice festival(or whatever).

In other words, Results mean you CONTINUE to see progress and changes after your initial training in the program….

training-828715What is a “Good Program” for getting results then?

It’s about sustainability.

A good program cycles, and not just routines, it cycles movements, intensity, weight, rep ranges, everything.

For Example -At the time of writing this we are working on going HEAVY here at PostFit.


Is our goal, to continue to keep doing everything as heavy as possible? No. You have to know when to back off…

After this, we’re getting back into the “ass kicking” mode for a few weeks, then going back to some moderate to heavy weights for more repetitions and so on.

Boring, I know. But this is my job is to make sure everyone continually progresses with their goals at the same rate over time, not just a quick “lose weight” type challenge that will have them packing it back on as soon as their off the protocol.

What a Good Program is NOT

The above mentioned “ass kicking” for starters…

You can literally only do HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) and like programs for so long before you literally burn out and start going backward. At some point you’ll have to take a break from all the insanity and learn how to move well(or you will be forced to take a break from your training because of injury).

Harvard_Union_-_Quincy_and_Harvard_Streets,_Cambridge,_MA_-_IMG_4068Check out this study done by Harvard on the effects of weight training vs cardio for men over 40. These gents only trained for about 20 min/day(not bad) and were able to keep off “stubborn fat”, and lose a little too with some cardio(Kettlebell swings work well for this…).

And this wasn’t just one gym of dudes, they literally had thousands of participants over several years(yes, they followed up).

None of that 12 Week Study B.S. here.

You know the ones where they promise you “X” in 12 weeks, then after 12 weeks “X” disappears and you’re back looking for another program that promises a better path to “X” but really, the solution for getting to “X” is simpler than the fancy marketing companies tell you it is. (Oh, and if you’re unaware, for men over 40 it seems they spend the most time, money, and energy working on this problem.)

The truth is simple, sustainable programs work best for *shocker* sustained results!

It boggles the mind that if you eat real food, drink plenty of clean water, breathe(deeply & often), move daily, rest(and repeat), you will be successful for the rest of your life.

More Bonuses!(To a good program)

Weight training(or more advanced calisthenics moves) increase tendon strength and keep that vital fluid in your joints much better than high impact routines….

Personally, I prefer to pick things that keep getting results over the long run, because after all, isn’t what this is all about?

What’s YOUR goal? Is the program you’re in actually helping you to get there? Or are you just spinning your wheels….

Ponder this next time you step foot in the gym. And do me a favor….

Stay Strong.

~Justin Green

P.S. If you’re confused as to whether the programs work, just look at the amount of people who 1. Stick With It, and 2. Guage Their Results. In other words, see if it’s really sustainable.

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