Martial Art Classes

Be Strong When You Are Weak,
Brave When You Are Scared,
Humble When You Are Victorious.

Our Martial Art Classes are about more than just learning to fight.

For Kids it is a great way to improve discipline, confidence, self-control, and stay safe.

For Adults, we cover powerful tactics for safety and self-defense. You will make great friends with your fellow classmates as well as instructors who are passionate about what they teach.

Click on a link below to find out more about the classes we offer in Hartford, WI. View our Kid’s Defense Guide to Martial Arts or our article on Stranger Awareness.

Martial Art Classes hartford wiJudo

Judo, meaning “gentle or yielding way”, was developed by Dr. Kano and emphasizes the larger educational value of training so that it can be a path or way of life that all people can participate in and benefit from. Some traditional jujutsu techniques(from which Judo was derived) and training methods have been modified so that most of the moves can be done safely, even in competition, with full force without injury.


Hapkido is the art and science of self-defense. Using practical techniques instead of sport focused or Hollywood style movements, Hapkido is based in practical self-defense movements that work for all ages, regardless of strength. The idea, similar to Judo, is to use the opponents energy to complete the attack, the main focus is to embody the principles of Circles, Flow, and Harmony into every technique as well as in every day life.


Do What Works, Not What Doesn’t.This seems like common sense, however there is a lot of self-defense systems, too many to possibly count. So how do you decide what to do? There’s not a lot of bad movements out there, but finding the ones that fit and work for you is the tough part. Our systems work off of your own reactions so you can train for successfully dealing with a confrontation instead of repeating 1,000’s of repetitions of movements you will likely not even use if you needed them.

Traditional Weapons

All the beauty and grace of traditional weapons with practical self-defense based principles to back them up. Our weapons training ranges from sticks & staves to sword, giving you the practical skills you need for defense as well as the control needed to work with one of the most revered and romanticized weapons to ever be invented, the Samurai sword.

Martial Art Classes hartford wiTaeKwonDo

The olympic sport of TaeKwonDo is at the heart of our Hapkido training, applying the principles and training techniques of the sport and traditional art into a practical setting – self-defense. TaeKwonDo is known for it’s speed and precision of kicks as well as enormous power that can be generated with very little effort. When applied to self-defense situations these strikes can literally be what get you away from an attacker and to safety. Aspects of the traditional art are taught within the Hapkido classes.