Kids Defense & Awareness Guide

Keep Your Kids Safe

Before you read on…

This is a guide. The point of a guide is to get you, and your child, pointed in the right direction… to start thinking about things in a different light.

There is no way to know every scenario in which something may happen. After you have read through this guide, start asking yourself and your children questions to encourage the correct thought process. If you’re still not sure about exactly what to do, we can provide further training on the subject. If this is something you’re interested in, contact us at (262)951-6317 or

To make this easier, and so nothing is missed as future scenarios or thoughts come up I will provide links to specific topics for you to jump right to and continually ad to them.

This will give a better overview of the content and also allow for better retention of the content. If there’s anything I’ve picked up from years of research, study, and most of all teaching myself how to learn when others had failed me, it’s that our brains absorb best in small chunks of information rather than novel length pages of “stuff”(content).

This will also make it easy to bookmark a particular topic/drill or what have you, that you may want to work on in the future. No scrolling down the page looking for that one sentence in that paragraph 1/2 or 3/4 down the page!

Let’t Get Started!


This is dedicated to the most rudimentary of all of the skills… awareness. Below you will find links to pages that will expand on this topic with different drills or discussion topics to have with your children.

Out with “Stranger Danger” in with “Stranger Awareness”