Don’t Get Caught In This Trap

It’s inevitable…

…in 2 weeks, the gyms that were packed full, will be empty.

And there’s a good reason… Wait for it…..


Yup. That simple, yet… still complicated.
It’s not clearly defined, therefore, we can’t begin to understand the meaning behind it, or how to fix it. Yet…. we all know it’s the exact reason about 80% of the people who start will quit.

“It’s time to get healthy and get fit”

Scream the masses, as if it has any real meaning. As if reciting a mantra actually means it will happen…(I’m still not rich, or at 8% body fat… or a world champion in, well, anything. Trust me, it doesn’t work..)

So what do you do to break past this?graffiti-745071

Clarity. Getting Clear and Concise is the only way to break through all the “barriers” you are currently facing.
The reality is, everyone else who has done “it”(whatever “it” is to you) has been up against the same, if not greater, problems than you. The issue is realizing the issue is…. you.
It’s NOT a lack of resources, it’s a lack of RESOURCEFULNESS. TALENT does not play a hand in it, there are millions of “talented” people who are broke and homeless in this world. We are all talented. 

So stop blaming your circumstance and situation.

Do ONE THING that would have the highest chance of improving your life and forget all the little things(they’ll fall into place). 
Our brain literally runs out of decision making power if it’s presented with too many options or something seems too complex to understand. But if you focus on a way to make the task a simple black and white (I’m going to the gym 3 days a week) you leave yourself no out (I should go to the gym more).
Here’s some examples.
  • I’m Going To Exercise Mon, Wed, Fri this week(Instead of Watching TV)
  • No More Drinking Soda(Drink Tea/Water Instead)
  • No More Ice Cream After Dinner(Go For A Walk Instead)
  • I’m Going To Cook Dinner At Home(Instead of Going Out)

These have some great “Instead of ” options to help reinforce, and make easier, your decision. Especially to the emotional side of your brain!

Skip the complicated jargon, complex workouts, and other silliness that goes along with working out…

To paraphrase Dan John these types of programs are “Bus Bench Programs” and they are usually right…. about twice a year. This just reinforces the fact you need to stay with a sustainable diet. And if it works, don’t dwell on why it works… just stick with what works, I’ve heard it’s a good idea.

One Final Note

Understanding what you’re capable of “handling on your own” and what you need help with(even if just a little) can be the biggest deciding factor in your success with any program you decide to try.

This can have a huge impact, especially if you’re not typically…. capable of handling mundane details(like meal planning or scheduling workouts). But if you’re a do it yourself type person, there’s plenty of good training programs you can pick up(like Strong First’s materials).

However, if you do need some more tailored training programs and instructions, I can help(if you’re close enough) Or feel free to email me and I can help you out.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Strong!

~ Justin Green

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