The Best Defense

The Best Defense

“The Best Defense Is A Good Offense”

Or so they say…Self-Defense

Applied to self-defense this is true, to a point. But it should be taken a little different than the “just attack them before they attack you” that is implied.

A good offense in this case means preparation, not being offensive. So please, don’t be that guy in the “Tapout” or “Affliction” shirt(purchased from Wal-Mart) that talks about how he “trains UFC”(whatever that means).

It’s having the right mindset – practicing the moves(techniques) you will have to be able to execute when the time comes. None of that Karate Kid garbage or anything you might see in the movies or on TV.

I’ve been training for 14 years at this point and I’ve only had to use my “skills” one time… well, my physical skills, the rest are in use on a daily basis(conscious and uncontentious)

When I did have to use my “skills”, what came out was the right technique for the situation (nothing I had even practiced mind you), all with good control and awareness in the moment… I felt like a freaking Jedi Master, everything was there, everything was flawless(kinda).

9423087237_34565da84c_bI’ll talk more about that later but the most important bit I want you to gain from this is this – Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail. (if you care to read my “story” it’s at the bottom of the post)

Look around you.

How prepared are you for an emergency at this very moment?

If you can’t think of at least 5 things that could go wrong right this second, you’re most likely not prepared. One or two? You’re on the right path.

“Nothing ever happens to you until it does” -Thomas Sippin

Nobody plans to get in a car accident, but we have Air Bags, Seat Belts, Crumple Zones on the vehicles to ensure decreased risk of death or serious injury in the case of a collision form any conceivable angle.

Why should you treat personal protection any different?

Shouldn’t you have a fire extinguisher in your house?
Smoke detectors?
Seat belt cutter and glass breaker in your car?
A “spare battery”(or on the go charger) for your phone?

Are you physically prepared? i.e. are you in good enough shape to be able to withstand 30-60 seconds of high intensity activity(such as punching, kicking, and various strikes) and sprint afterward?

Do you know what to do after an attack? Or how to avoid walking into one?

These are important questions you should be asking yourself on a daily basis. Constantly evaluate “what ifs” (what if that car swerved into my lane, what if that guy tried abducting me, what if someone tried taking my child, etc…)

Look to use your surroundings to your advantage instead of someone else’s, watch for verbal and physical cues of intent(agitated tone, shifty, looks uneasy).

These are things you know and are told, but how often do they cross your mind – Never? Here and there? Daily? Hourly? Constantly?

The better you get at these “thought exercises”, the more second nature it will become, making you even more prepared in case a “what if” were to happen.(So you can be a Jedi too!)

It’s not always a brawl.(My Story)MMA Training Center Kickboxing

I have avoided more situations than I could probably count(deescalating situations before they arise and avoiding them altogether), so the fact that I’ve only had one “encounter” out of all my years of training is something I could be proud of, but also, could have been avoided(if I were paying a little closer attention)

The Scene – My baby sister’s 21st birthday party.

We were out at a few local “watering holes” right here in ol Hartford, WI. And we decided to go to one last place before calling it a night.

A few of the guests of the party decided to sit at the bar and strike up a conversation with two other patrons who had already had their fill of booze for the night(and then some).

Unfortunately, one of these guys wasn’t what you’d call the friendly sort…. After about 20 minutes this guy(let’s call him Red – the color of his shirt) was playing pool and seemingly out of nowhere starts screaming across the bar about how “every time I go out in Hartford someone is trying to start sh*t with me” and so on(clearly this reoccurring problem seems to be him, even though he hasn’t realized it yet…)

We get the member of our group out of the bar to try and deescalate the situation but Red wasn’t having it. He followed us out.

There was about 7 guys between him and the person he had the “issue” with(we still don’t know what it was…) yet Red still insisted on not leaving screaming “I’m gonna f*cking kill you” at 1am about a ½ block from the police station(clearly, not a bright man).

All of a sudden, he takes off running out into the street and straight toward the group(1 on 7, good odds, no?)… But he didn’t make it… I(the skinniest guy out of the group as someone pointed out) took a straight forearm to his chest, redirected him back toward his “friend” who then told me to get my hands off his friend… and that was the end of it.

Not graceful or cool like the movies. But it worked.

I think the reason I was the only one who reacted was due to the fact I noticed signs of aggression Red was putting forth and decided to act on it before someone wound up in the hospital(it would’ve been him)

Moral of the story, don’t go out to bars… and alert the police before they get there too late, 911 is a quick dial away, and this man(I was told afterward) was a known trouble maker who probably should have something to show on his record(personal opinion). As to why they allow him back into the bar… still a mystery…

To wrap things up, it’s always better to prepare for a situation that you might not encounter than to be caught with your pants down… it may wind up with more than just an embarrassing story, it could cost you dearly(jail time, hospital, or the morgue)

There’s no superhero to come save you in real life, so be your own hero, and save yourself by preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best. But mostly, stay away from the “problem” situations before they happen.

If you want to learn more about self-defense training, check out our Hapkido training program or contact me directly: justin @ for more info on upcoming courses(or to schedule a private course)

Stay Strong My Friends


Move First

Move Better. Get Stronger.Screen-Shot-2013-06-25-at-2.47.32-PM1

It’s that simple.

Everyone knows the stronger you are, the more in shape you are…. or do they?

I’ve had clients that have come from various gyms after training regularly, and they can’t move well or have suffered nagging “repetitive” injuries. This is not just a few months of training, but years. The fact they’ve been at it so long is neat, except for the other little fact that they have missed the basis behind being “fit” as it were. (MOVEMENT Trumps All)

After all, it’s the one thing required to maintain any exercise program, is it not?

Let’s look at a few examples of some different types of programs.

Beachbody, Les Mills, and the lot
Do Program. Get Results*. Keep Doing Program. Keep Getting, Results? Unfortunately, no. There’s no scaling of the program. They’re all about “kicking your ass” and making you think you got a good workout in. Which is great if you need an ass kicking….

But in reality, you haven’t really “burned” as many calories as a sustainable, movement based program would have.

Think about trying to race your Daily Driven Vehicle in a Professional Race. You might make it a few laps, but eventually(or very quickly) the vehicle will break down from the abuse and you’ll be left in the dust.

You could finish, which would be admirable. But honestly, what’s the point if you can’t even drive yourself home. After all, you do need this vehicle to get you to work on Monday.

20150310_073235Calisthenics & (Most)Weight Training Programs
Master the Basic Movements. Get Results*. Master More Complicated Movements. Get More Results. There’s always something beyond the next new routine to keep you going. That’s why these programs have a higher rate of success for the one’s who stick with them.

It may not promise the flashy stuff the video instruction courses and spin bike classes do, but in the long run the results keep coming.

Think of buying an actual race car and driving lessons. Start with the “beater” that you can learn basic concepts and work your way up step by step to the Indy cars. Eventually, with the proper training and tools, you can get yourself in a pro race and do well.(But you can’t start there)

Even seasoned athletes(or racecar drivers) know to back off and go back to work on their basic techniques and strategies. That’s why there’s an off season, to hone in skills.

You will never be too good for the basics.

*Before we go any further, let me define RESULTS… Results are any real, noticeable changes that take place(your energy level, strength, fat loss, or sports performance) NOT your ability to perform 1,000 Zumba routines blindfolded in the dark during the winter solstice festival(or whatever).

In other words, Results mean you CONTINUE to see progress and changes after your initial training in the program….

training-828715What is a “Good Program” for getting results then?

It’s about sustainability.

A good program cycles, and not just routines, it cycles movements, intensity, weight, rep ranges, everything.

For Example -At the time of writing this we are working on going HEAVY here at PostFit.


Is our goal, to continue to keep doing everything as heavy as possible? No. You have to know when to back off…

After this, we’re getting back into the “ass kicking” mode for a few weeks, then going back to some moderate to heavy weights for more repetitions and so on.

Boring, I know. But this is my job is to make sure everyone continually progresses with their goals at the same rate over time, not just a quick “lose weight” type challenge that will have them packing it back on as soon as their off the protocol.

What a Good Program is NOT

The above mentioned “ass kicking” for starters…

You can literally only do HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) and like programs for so long before you literally burn out and start going backward. At some point you’ll have to take a break from all the insanity and learn how to move well(or you will be forced to take a break from your training because of injury).

Harvard_Union_-_Quincy_and_Harvard_Streets,_Cambridge,_MA_-_IMG_4068Check out this study done by Harvard on the effects of weight training vs cardio for men over 40. These gents only trained for about 20 min/day(not bad) and were able to keep off “stubborn fat”, and lose a little too with some cardio(Kettlebell swings work well for this…).

And this wasn’t just one gym of dudes, they literally had thousands of participants over several years(yes, they followed up).

None of that 12 Week Study B.S. here.

You know the ones where they promise you “X” in 12 weeks, then after 12 weeks “X” disappears and you’re back looking for another program that promises a better path to “X” but really, the solution for getting to “X” is simpler than the fancy marketing companies tell you it is. (Oh, and if you’re unaware, for men over 40 it seems they spend the most time, money, and energy working on this problem.)

The truth is simple, sustainable programs work best for *shocker* sustained results!

It boggles the mind that if you eat real food, drink plenty of clean water, breathe(deeply & often), move daily, rest(and repeat), you will be successful for the rest of your life.

More Bonuses!(To a good program)

Weight training(or more advanced calisthenics moves) increase tendon strength and keep that vital fluid in your joints much better than high impact routines….

Personally, I prefer to pick things that keep getting results over the long run, because after all, isn’t what this is all about?

What’s YOUR goal? Is the program you’re in actually helping you to get there? Or are you just spinning your wheels….

Ponder this next time you step foot in the gym. And do me a favor….

Stay Strong.

~Justin Green

P.S. If you’re confused as to whether the programs work, just look at the amount of people who 1. Stick With It, and 2. Guage Their Results. In other words, see if it’s really sustainable.

Don’t Get Caught In This Trap

Don’t Get Caught In This Trap

It’s inevitable…

…in 2 weeks, the gyms that were packed full, will be empty.

And there’s a good reason… Wait for it…..


Yup. That simple, yet… still complicated.
It’s not clearly defined, therefore, we can’t begin to understand the meaning behind it, or how to fix it. Yet…. we all know it’s the exact reason about 80% of the people who start will quit.

“It’s time to get healthy and get fit”

Scream the masses, as if it has any real meaning. As if reciting a mantra actually means it will happen…(I’m still not rich, or at 8% body fat… or a world champion in, well, anything. Trust me, it doesn’t work..)

So what do you do to break past this?graffiti-745071

Clarity. Getting Clear and Concise is the only way to break through all the “barriers” you are currently facing.
The reality is, everyone else who has done “it”(whatever “it” is to you) has been up against the same, if not greater, problems than you. The issue is realizing the issue is…. you.
It’s NOT a lack of resources, it’s a lack of RESOURCEFULNESS. TALENT does not play a hand in it, there are millions of “talented” people who are broke and homeless in this world. We are all talented. 

So stop blaming your circumstance and situation.

Do ONE THING that would have the highest chance of improving your life and forget all the little things(they’ll fall into place). 
Our brain literally runs out of decision making power if it’s presented with too many options or something seems too complex to understand. But if you focus on a way to make the task a simple black and white (I’m going to the gym 3 days a week) you leave yourself no out (I should go to the gym more).
Here’s some examples.
  • I’m Going To Exercise Mon, Wed, Fri this week(Instead of Watching TV)
  • No More Drinking Soda(Drink Tea/Water Instead)
  • No More Ice Cream After Dinner(Go For A Walk Instead)
  • I’m Going To Cook Dinner At Home(Instead of Going Out)

These have some great “Instead of ” options to help reinforce, and make easier, your decision. Especially to the emotional side of your brain!

Skip the complicated jargon, complex workouts, and other silliness that goes along with working out…

To paraphrase Dan John these types of programs are “Bus Bench Programs” and they are usually right…. about twice a year. This just reinforces the fact you need to stay with a sustainable diet. And if it works, don’t dwell on why it works… just stick with what works, I’ve heard it’s a good idea.

One Final Note

Understanding what you’re capable of “handling on your own” and what you need help with(even if just a little) can be the biggest deciding factor in your success with any program you decide to try.

This can have a huge impact, especially if you’re not typically…. capable of handling mundane details(like meal planning or scheduling workouts). But if you’re a do it yourself type person, there’s plenty of good training programs you can pick up(like Strong First’s materials).

However, if you do need some more tailored training programs and instructions, I can help(if you’re close enough) Or feel free to email me and I can help you out.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Strong!

~ Justin Green

Hipsters & Crossfit

Hipsters & Crossfit

How to Use Seemingly Useless “Trends” To Your Advantage

Two Things I Despise, Yet… Somehow Have Uses For… (Hipsters & Crossfit that is).

Even though the hipster trend has made previously inexpensive and cool things I enjoy – like PBR, my beard, and cool old school hairstyles, into bastardizations(and incredibly expensive in some cases)… It has brought about a few good things – like quality beard oils, home made manly smelling soaps, and more places carrying my beloved PBR(not that I drink beer these days…)

So, although hipsters can be annoying, arrogant, and just plain silly – there seems to be a use for their seemingly useless trend.(Look at the lessons we learned from 80’s trends… more is not always better)

A similar lesson can be found with the cult…. um, I mean, trend of Crossfit…

All joking aside, there is some good to come out of this sometimes seemingly masochistic workout culture.

Crossfit, for those of you who don’t know of it’s existence, is basically Lightweight Olympic Lifts to Infinity(as described by BroScienceLife) combined with lots of cool(and previously useful) body weight and weighted exercises, but with a touch of danger(guaranteed injury) to make them even cooler…

But in all honesty, these athletes put up some amazing weight(at a competition level) and are some of the most “versatile trained” athletes out there…. so to speak.

Now, there are bad Crossfit “Boxes”(i.e. Gyms) out there, with bad coaching which has a strong tendency toward not giving a shit about their clients safety(again, see BroScienceLife “What Is Crossfit” video, he’s pretty close on this).

Unfortunately, there is a few of these locally, but I’ve met plenty of good ones too(the dude at Crossfit Sussex is a cool dude… and cares about his people). Let’s not let a few bad apples ruin the whole bunch, they’re not all bad.

But, I can’t resist at least sharing this….

Okay, done ranting now, so I’ll get back on point.

Part of doing “Crossfit” is being super mobile(and strong) to prevent injury from the high rep, repetitive lifting – usually done for time. In other words, fast, without caring about technique(in most cases)

What’s The Plus Side To This?


Simply? More tools available to make you move better! More mobility drills, more free coaching(most of it good) on how to do olympic lifts – to name a few. And most of these guys are legit Olympic Lifting Coaches(certifications and all), so it’s safe to say they know their stuff.(Do your homework first!!)

There’s also a lot of free content out there(and research backing it) on recovery. Whether it’s from sore muscles, sore joints, or even mild injuries(sprains and the like) and even how to safely train while injured, and when you should cool your jets for a few days…

Again, be careful where you get advice… a local “Box” by me is in the habit of beating the living tar out of their clients, as even visible publicly on the comment section of their own Facebook page!

One of my mentors I’m going to be working with in the new year is HUGE into Crossfit, and claims it gets a bad rap from a lot of sources… I mostly agree with him.

The culture of the movement leaned more toward “Hardcore Athletes” at the beginning(X football players, Ex-Military, Wannabe Military/Athletes…) and has shifted to accommodate the general population as the years have went on…

This is where some good has come in.

But be warned. If you’re thinking Crossfit is starting to sound pretty great, you may be in for a shock…

With a mere Crossfit Level 1 Certification and $4k a year, you can open up your own “Box”….

And then things like this happen –

A Crossfit Level 1 Cert is the equivalent of asking your average 1st year med school student to perform a quadruple bypass surgery on you – they might understand the concepts, but have no real understanding or experience to perform the procedure with a high chance of success.

In fact, most states the powers that be(and insurance companies) do not even recognize a Level 1 Crossfit “Coach” as an actual trainer anymore… so be careful where you enter.

I am bias toward the Kettlebell training, it’s my thing…

I follow the work of Pavel Tsatsouline, Dan John, Gray Cook and the like myself. Mainly because injury resistance and a healthy distance from trainers(coaches, whatever) jacked up on too much pre-workout, BCAA, Protein Shakes, and God knows what else.

The proven track record of Kettlebell training’s results and injury resistance for over 700 years(older in other countries) is good enough for me to not switch to a 10 year old fad for my main training style. But, I’ll take any good things that come as a result of it – even if it’s just learning what not to do…

In whatever you do, be smart, don’t take just anyone’s advice, and for Pete’s sake, don’t flail around whilst exercising! An instructor of mine once said “Speed is a great way to hide bad technique”. It applies to martial arts, and fitness just the same.

Until Next Time – Stay Strong My Friends!

~Justin Green

Guest Bloggers(Share Your Story!)

Guest Bloggers(Share Your Story!)

Here’s Your Chance to be Famous(ish)

We want to hear YOUR story.blogging-336375_960_720

Everything about your journey, from the first struggle with that piece of chocolate cake – all the way to the very last pound you lost, or maybe your still going(hopefully)

Honestly, it gets boring hearing all us “fitness gurus” talking about this and that from our high horse. Trust me, I feel the same.

So, it’s time we turn it over to the people(i.e. You!) and hear what you’ve done to get, and continue to do, to get results!

Submissions can be sent to: for review and you will have an input on the final product(arranged with pictures and such). Also, if you have any links back to websites, blogs, or social outlets you would like people directed to – please include them. We’re happy to share since you’re sharing with us!

Looking forward to some great submissions!

PostFit Team

Smoke & Mirrors

Smoke & Mirrors

You’ve Been Tricked…

…into thinking the results you see on TV or online are real.

12 week miracle transformations and crazy success stories are few and far between.

Here is the truth… it’s all Smoke and Mirrors…

It’s not hard to make yourself look like you’re in better shape than you are(especially with the right tricks…)

As demonstrated by a few shots here. (Photo credit Andrew Dixon, link below) and were taken within an hour of each other. It was all done with lighting, and photo filters.2013-07-24-ADixonTransform1

Andrew Dixon also wrote a great post on this on the Huffington Post (Check it out here: Seduced by the Illusion: The Truth about Transformation Photos)

Separating the Good from the Bad.
(Getting to the “right stuff”)

There is no magic pill – 20 minute workouts with lofty promises of 6 week programs that can radically transform you don’t workperiod. There is only hard work, dedication, and steady progress. Anything else is not sustainable in the long run.

Expect any transformation to take at least a year.

To quote C.T. Fletcher – “Anyone who tells you otherwise is a f***ing, liar…”

And let’s get something else straight – there are some rare cases where people do lose massive amounts of weight or gain tons of muscle in a very short time…

But it’s not the norm, and is extremely hard to maintain for the long haul(for most people). Remember, drastic change comes as a shock to your body, and isn’t always the best practice for sustainable health and goals.

Look at the long term results from any program you’re considering.

-Is it sustainable?(Is continued training available?)
-Do the results stick?
-Can you continue to progress(improve)?
-Does the training match your goals?

There are thousands of questions to ask, but you better be damn sure they’re the right ones! You wouldn’t want to wind up with buyer’s remorse or worse yet, injuries, disappointment, and unable to train in any program from this point forward…

What should you measure…

Measurements, quite literally.

Screw the Scale. And forget looking in the mirrior. The only measureable results are the ones you can measure.

Go to a store that sells fabric, get yourself a tape measure(a soft one, not one of those steel retractible ones) and measure around your chest, upper arms, thighs, and waist.

Keep an eye on these measurements every so often(once a month or longer). If you measure too often, you’ll get frustrated and quit… So longer periods of time between measurements is better.

Notice how your clothes fit. Tighter? Loser? In what areas? Is this your goal? If not, what isn’t working for you, and how can you change it. Maybe you need help from someone who knows… or maybe you just need to make a sacrifice you haven’t been willing to make, but know you need to.

Regardless, you shouldn’t give up. Most people quit right at the finish line, don’t be like them, be unique – push through the struggle and don’t expect things to come easy… THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD, HARD WORK.

More things to ponder…

How important are your looks… are they that important?

Here’s a pic of me from some odd months ago, and one from today.

I “look” a helluva lot better in the older shot, but I was lighter than I wanted to be, not nearly as strong, and I felt tired all the time.

So was looking better worth it? No. My body likes to have a bit more… let’s call it fluff, for the activities I do on a regular basis – like getting stronger.

So make sure your 6-pack is worth the sacrifice before you go down that road(and let me tell ya, it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise – don’t let anyone tell you different)

To sum it up

Don’t be so eager to start something you miss the important bits… you know – like, the facts, about anything you may be trying this coming year when you’re all revved up and ready to “get fit” this year.

Make it last!

And for God’s sake(and I don’t joke here) be strong and think for yourself. Do not blindly follow or do what everyone else does just because 3 or 4 people got a good result(they’re cherry picked out of thousands who didn’t)

Stay Strong My Friends!

~Justin Green

How To Build Your Own Kettlebell(for swings)

How To Build Your Own Kettlebell(for swings)

Swing Away!

The Kettlebell swing has been known as the ultimate blaster of fat, the king of conditioning, and sultan of stamina…

But what if you can’t afford your own bell?

I’ve got you covered.

Check out this video below!

What’s that? A homemade Kettlebell?This ought to be good…Check out more on YouTube here: remaining steps will be uploaded shortly!Enjoy!!

Posted by Postfit on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel for more! There may even be a few more equipment tutorials going up soon…. just saying.


Home Workout DVDs…. Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

Home Workout DVDs…. Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?

Is Your Home Workout DVD Delivering The Results You Want?

Chances are, no.

My parents are huge fans of these DVDs and literally have stacks of them in their basement, no lie. Which is great, because it keeps them active – 5 or 6 days a week! But here’s the catch, last week, my mom blamed me for hurting her back… To be fair I told her to use a heavier kettlebell for her workouts(5# doesn’t really do anything for anyone). But essentially my mom hurting her back boils down to the fact that she had no one helping her make sure her movements were correct at home. No one was there to watch her, to answer any questions or concerns she might have. Basically her injury, small as it may seem, happened because DVD’s do not effectively demonstrate how to become more fit.
(Check out this video of the correct technique for the Kettlebell Snatch – supervised by Pavel Tsatsouline)

Don’t take this to mean all of them are bad. There are some who actually have benefits worth your while, but chances are your favorite infomercial celeb trainers are not all they’re cracked up to be.

One popular program (which shall remain nameless) claims to add muscle, burn fat, make you fly… well, maybe not the last one, but they make some pretty bold claims. The only problem with those claims is that they are based off a handful of carefully selected results. One study of this particular 90 day transformation program tested out on several people of various ages and body types ended with a surprising result…. they all increased their body fat %.

Now I know what your thinking… and just bare with me here. Everyone knows or thinks they know that if you workout you should essentially, with enough determination, get rid of fat. Or at least that’s all we’re led to believe. Right?

Doesn’t working out get rid of fat??

And herein lies the truth… High Intensity, Low Weight, High Repetition Exercises INCREASE the amount of fat you will retain. And that’s not always a bad thing, but if it’s not your goal, I wouldn’t recommend it.

We won’t delve into the technical details here, but the main reason is that you are putting your body into a physiological state that retains body fat. Your body does this for use in future activities, such as working out preforming the same workout. It’s similar to running in this sense (but slightly better for you). This is especially a problem if you’re part of the average crowd of “Lean” people trying to get leaner and add some sexy “toned” muscle to your physique.

Which brings us to the next issue…

Time to start that diet
Time to start that diet…

Doctors(yes, damn near all of them – I call them the “smart ones”) recommend not starting these high impact, extremely cardiovascular based programs if you are more than 30# overweight. Yup, just 30#… which really isn’t a lot of extra poundage if you think of it. But the amount of extra stress those “few extra #” adds to your heart and joints is more likely to cause damage instead of do good. The chances of injury skyrocket with this simple type of typical exercise done at home, and this is the demographic that so many of us fall into. (more on this in the future)

Who The F*** is watching you do this stuff?

I said this before and I’ll say it again… Billy, Shawn T, Jillian, Tony, none of these people are actually watching you do the work! They’re relying on your keen sense of self-awareness as to how your body moves, which, if you’re anything like me(or most human beings out there), it’s sometimes off kilter, even if it’s just a bit. My personal observation from the near 1,000 or so people I’ve trained over the years is that (most of us) don’t typically move as well as we should or think we do and yes – I’m definitely included in this.

Jillian-MichaelsSo how can you correct these movements? Is there a “protocol” for even correcting movement? Do the trainers even know how to do this stuff themselves? Well, check out the pic over to the left here… and if you think you could swing a 100# Kettlebell like that and walk away with your back in one piece, congratulations – you have the world’s strongest back. Unfortunately, the rest of the population does not share in your natural gifts…
(Check out the correct swing technique demonstrated by this barbarian fellow on the right)

Correct Swing Technique
Correct Swing Technique

Be Careful What You Fall For

Back to my point of – who’s watching you. Remember when I mentioned how my mom hurt herself swinging a kettlebell wrong?

Sorry Mom, but your workout DVD showed you how to do it the wrong way. What they showed her as a “Snatch” looked closer to some jumpy squatty thing with a pressy-ish thingy than the actual movement.

Obviously, my Mother is welcome to come work out by me any time she desires, but just hasn’t because of unknown reasons. 😉 Although she may change her mind now that she’ll know DVD’s aren’t all they’re hyped up to be.

Now, this isn’t the first casualty, and there will be more. It seems (like almost) everyone owns some or a similar at home workout DVD and they all claim in the DVD to show you their own “Proven System” to do the impossible task of _____ in just _____ minutes a day!!!

Don’t fall for this! Yes hard work = results, NOT some work=results.

Where To Go From Here…

First thing’s first – Find a Professional

It doesn’t have to be me(but I can be a good guy to work with… just sayin) or even Dawn(nutrition extraordinaire), but it does have to be someone who knows what they’re talking about. It should be someone who has the experience in the field and is educated about how you should be working out.

For starters, if they promise you the workouts alone will take care of the fat loss/results, they’re lying… DIET is king. I’ve seen(and met) people with six packs that have never “worked out” a day in their life, because diet is that important! If you remember the old saying Garbage In = Garbage Out(You are what you eat). It has NO exceptions.

Look for someone who has some formal training in nutrition. Not someone who has just had a weekend seminar or 20 minute online course. Do your homework.

Same goes for trainers – make sure they have True Functional Training Experience and Knowledge!  Check out Gray Cook if you need help. It’s an excellent resource with great tools to help you in your search for fitness. f they don’t put an emphasis on the Quality of Movement over Quantity, then you’re at the wrong gym…

There are good resources, one of my favorite “at home” tools is actually a book by Tim Ferriss. It’s called the 4 Hour Body. (Check out Tim’s Blog )

Pavel Tsatsouline also offers some great material at, my favorite new “minimalist” workout is Simple and Sinister – The book is only $17.

Do weekend workshops like my friend Ryan Toshner offers at his gym (

Or just youtube some of Elliot Hulse’s videos, this guy knows his stuff and owes no loyalties to any brand or style of working out. He’s all about becoming the strongest version of YOU, not doing some blanket workout designed to essentially only make money off of you.

You can always contact me too, I do a free consult and 2 week trial for everyone. If it doesn’t work out for you, no problem – take what you’ve learned and move on. If you do stay, then I can help you from there… Otherwise, we have a “secret stash” of workout programs on this site if you know how to find it…(Our Facebook page would be a good place to start).

In short, do homework and don’t believe all the hype that these companies have out there. They’ve stuck millions of dollars into advertising this stuff so it’s “top of mind”, but that does not always ensure “top notch material” Remember Quality over Quantity. And think critically when making decisions regarding your health.

Most of all, enjoy the process of whatever you do, and don’t push yourself too hard. Just do what you can, and focus on small improvements instead of 12 week transformations. Not everyone can do this Biggest Loser type program and sustain it. Just stay the course and enjoy the ride!

Have a Strong Day!

~Justin Green
Owner/Fitness & Martial Arts Coach
PostFit Fitness & Wellness Center

Stop Guessing and Start Planning

Stop Guessing and Start Planning

A Lack of Planning is Planning To Fail.

Food. The Downfall of an fitness program.

I’ve been there, and maybe you have too… So, what’s the biggest pitfall? Lack of planning of course!

What? You don’t have time to make that meal? Maybe McDonald’s is looking pretty tempting right now, and it sure smells good… might as well get some drive through, right? WRONG!

Bad choices are bad choices, not to say you can’t indulge here and there, but why would you put yourself in that percarious position to begin with? I mean after all, you are after a goal here… right?

I can’t say too much because in the last few months, a quick stop at the store to just grab some “snack food” or going to Qdoba because I’m running behind has been one of my many shortcomings when it comes to prudent planning…

So I went on a journey, to find some resources that would help me make the most out of what I shove down my pie hole(but not pie… that’s not so good, although satisfying)

Here’s a few resources I’ve found to be helpful:

If you’re still stuck… it’s not a problem, Dawn happens to be an expert(literally) at this sort of thing, and offers a free consult to all newcomers. Unlike myself, who just dabbles in this area, Dawn has extensive schooling and experience when it comes to the ins and outs of specific meal planning as well as assisting you with what is sustainable for you.

There is always a way for those who seek out the path. And this should provide you with enough to choose from that if it doesn’t work on your own, you at least have a guide!

Stay Healthy. Stay Strong.


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A Heinous Wednesday Workout, For a Tuesday…

A Heinous Wednesday Workout, For a Tuesday…

A Heinous Wednesday Workout, For a Tuesday…
(One to KILL Body Fat)

Everyone knows that one of my most favoritest movements is the Kettlebell Swing.

It’s simple, effective, works the posterior chain(gives you a nice bottom 😉 and strengthens your back & hamstrings)

So now, how to soup it up… well, let’s just add a burpee for good measure.

Here’s how the workout will go:

Swing/Burpee x10, x15, x20, x15, x10
Rest 30-60 sec

Yeah, that’s it. Doesn’t seem like much, but give it a try for 15 minutes (AMRAP) and see how many ladders you can get through. Again, rest as needed, but as little as possible.

Need to see the technique, well okay then, here’s the video:

On a side note, kind of, this is something you do not want to perform in high frequency. Meaning this, you can’t do high intensity work like this every day – you’ll be liable to hurt yourself, and maybe others it they’re in your immediate vicinity.

This is designed to be done as frequently as 2x per week. Again – Yeah, that’s it.

I would caution you to err on the side of… well, caution when it comes to high intensity training.

Some “experts” say you can do it frequently, and that’s fine… if you like your joints to last until 50 before they need replacement.

So for the sake of your connective tissue and joints work strength more often(calisthenics is a good option as it is easier on the bones) and metabolic training only 1-2 days a week.

Got it? Good.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong

~Justin Green

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