Save 25% on Martial Arts Training!

A great activity that will positively impact your entire family.

​We’re expanding!

After 5 years in Hartford, we are joining forces with our sister facility in West Bend! (TNT Fitness Results)


To celebrate, we are offering founders rates to any new students for their first year of training!

Here’s some more about our training programs and philosophies.

Paragon Martial Arts offers TaeKwonDo, Judo, Hapkido, and Self-defense classes for ages 4 & up with age specific and family classes.

Families that train together, stay together.”

Working towards a goal together is a great way to build family bonds, stay in shape, and make positive changes together.

Our families find this to be a great activity to participate in together, as it’s been difficult for them to all be involved in one activity in the past.

Mindset Based training for character development and success for life.

I’ve been training families in the area for the past 17 years, focusing mostly on character development, self-defense based training, and physical conditioning

Unlike most schools, I’ve taken most of my focus away from strictly competition based training and kept working on real life skills.

It’s payed off huge for the families I’ve worked with by giving them the confidence and framework to make good decisions in difficult situations as well as the ability to defend themselves as a last resort

Master Justin Green (Chief Instructor)16665613_10154980343146171_6230404644883640957_o.jpg

We are excited to bring our training to TNT Fitness Results, as a benefit to current members and our students alike, we are super excited to see the results everyone will get from this partnership in our new facility!

To celebrate we are offering founders rates to of just $75/month to the first 10 students to sign up for classes starting June 15th for their first year of training!

As a bonus, any students who pay in full for the year’s training will get an 3 extra months of training! Plus, keep founders rates for life.

As an additional bonus, if you sign up before June 1 you will receive a free uniform!(a $50 value)

Get started today by going to our member site and completing the Martial Arts Founders Registration​.

There is a $30 fee to reserve your spot. You’ll receive an email and/or text from us within 24 hours to set up a free introductory session. (The $30 fee is refundable if you decide the program isn’t for you)

There’s no obligation or high pressure sales tactics, just an opportunity to check out what we have to offer and make sure we’re the right fit.


A little more about TNT:

TNT has been at the forefront of functional fitness training for 10 years. We have been changing people’s lives through physical fitness and mindset development.

Our athletes have built up incredible strength, physically and mentally, overcoming battles with cancer (training through chemotherapy), losing over 100# in a year, and of course, lifting impressive weights in the process.

Reach out to Master Green personally with any questions or to set up a time!

Cell: 262-951-6317 (call or text okay)

Email: [email protected]


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